re: I'm not shutting up, but asking for more information!
Posted by: BillEadie 01:42 pm EDT 10/18/21
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Bruce, since we know each other professionally, I thought I’d add my two cents as a response to your critique. As you undoubtedly recall, I have changed my name on this board. I began as SDTheatreBill, writing anonymous reviews of theatre I was seeing. Apparently, my anonymity was cause some stir in the theatre community here, because during intermission of a performance for which I had posted that I organized a theatre party, I was approached by a man who introduced himself as the producer of the production. He first thanked me for organizing the group, and then he added, “And thank you for your work as SDTheatreBill.” He proceeded to invite me to lunch where he told me that I ought to be reviewing under my real name. At that point, I approached Ann, told her who I was, and asked if she would like me to write reviews for TB Regional. Ann agreed, and I have been doing so ever since. Along the way, I changed SDTheatreBill to BillEadie, which seemed to be more honest about who was posting on ATC, and who was reviewing on TB Regional. One thing that didn’t change was my signature tag: “Bill, in San Diego.”

I should add that I very much appreciate this discussion. I admire Mr. Sheng’s compositional ability, but I wonder how much training as a teacher he’s had. In my experience, a prestige university like Michigan can hire someone well known as a way of attracting not only students but confirmation of institutional prestige and then with minimal orientation leave that new hire to his own devices as a teacher. I don’t know this case well enough to make a judgment on that portion of it.

Second, I’d like to add that I’m currently on hiatus from TB Regional. I am involved with an arts review site focusing on San Diego County classical music, dance, and theatre, and I’m also the only member of the theatre staff for that site who is willing to review indoor productions. At the moment, I’m pretty swamped with work, so I can’t contribute to TB as well. I am certain that will change sooner than later, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain when I’m not posting very often.

Bill, in San Diego

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