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I can't speak with any authority on any sensibility prior to about 1970 or later, but I was wondering about the significance of the distinction between what was called the mocking use of blackface and other uses (like this one). I suspect that at the earlier time, people who disapproved of the mocking use "didn't mean anything by" their failure to object to the use in high art such as these films. (And perhaps that is what white privilege is all about.) Since then, of course, most people who resist being labelled racist have come to understand that it is objectionable, hurtful, unacceptable, et al.

I want to make another observation. Without quoting any lyric (because that would be banal :-) ), I think part of the 2021 process for many white people (and many others as well) is to confront our "original sins" and work on overcoming them. I don't believe any of us are perfect, and I also think it is hard as hell for seemingly fair minded people to shed ingrained privilege. How else can you explain the Public Theater and The Visitor, for example? The ones I worry about are the ones who deny it. (I also think this same process obtains with respect to most other instances of otherness that we are trying to grapple with now more than ever.) One final point: someone made a reference to ageism the other day. I think a part of the process I believe we have begun is also to recognize the point from which people come and a big part of that perspective is age related. That's not ageism; age is a privilege. But it is a perspective we must account for just as we must account for the fact that people who grew up in environments in which there were no people of color have some extra rungs to climb on the ladder toward understanding their reality. I digress but it concerns me that we are being more aggressive with one another (in multiple directions) than we ought to be. We have a long way to go and we need everyone who is willing along on this ride.

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