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Well, my family was 4th generation immigrants. My parents were poorly educated, both worked in factories when I was born. We lived in the poorer sections of Cicero and Brookfield, which are suburbs of Chicago. I attended blue collar Catholic grade schools. The neighborhoods I grew up in were pretty rough. I actually belonged to two white gangs from about '54 through '62. My family's ancestry was Polish, Czech, Irish, and German. My parents, siblings, and I looked white but some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, especially those of Czech and German descent were darker. Kids my age would often ask me if there were Jews or Roma in my family. We were pretty much regarded as "other".

In the 50's I watched old movies on TV like Yankee Doodle Dandy, Holiday Inn, Boys Town, Swing Time, Jolson Sings Again, and many others in which white actors appeared in black face. I was probably too young to understand why this was wrong. I'm just being honest when I state that I was never shocked or outraged by seeing black face in old movies. Although I never saw anything like Wonder Bar until I was much older.

I guess you would have to know me a little better to determine if I really grew up in a privileged household.

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