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When this thread began, I was under the impression that Sheng was trying to present a comparison between a film version of Othello which had a notable music underscore and the opera of Verdi's Otello to show the placement of music in each. If that had been the case, there would have been some justification for Sheng to choose the Olivier film although the Welles version would have been better, since Angelo Francesco Lavagnino's underscore was highly praised at the time.

After reading more articles about the situation, it became clear that any film version of Othello would have served the purpose. In any case, Sheng made a serious error in judgment. He should have discussed his ideas with the students in advance of the showing and allowed them to choose which film version they wanted to view. That is what I would have done.

As for the definition of blackface, it's not something I generally think about every day. Both the Wikipedia and the Merriam-Webster definitions include words like caricature or ridicule. As late as 1988 Paul Scofield played the title character in Othello using some form of dark makeup. My question was at what point in our culture did the use of black makeup become the same as blackface?

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