My issue with Flying Over Sunset...
Posted by: Theatergoer1978 09:26 pm EST 01/09/22

Liked some of it, thought some of it didn't work...but the biggest problem:

That's not what happens when you take acid.
It's not like hypnotherapy or whatever, where you relive and process trauma. It's more like Fantasia, with the colors and heightened/surreal imagery. Even one of the writers in the LIncoln Center magazine that you can pick up in the lobby -- in a piece where several writers describe their experiences with LSD -- says she did it many times and never once "saw something that wasn't there." I guess the number with the Botticelli painting comes closest, but all those scenes with dead mothers and daughters and nasty parents...maybe under some other drug or type of therapy's influence would that happen. Not very likely LSD.
I'm surprised not a single review I read mentioned this.

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