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I dunno, if i were in an eligible movie or tv show, or part of making one, this last year, I'd sure as hell want them to go forward. A lot of worthy things get nominated and win at the Globes, getting deserved recognition and attention, that often don't at the Oscars or the Emmys. Both of which are quite problematic in their own, as is everything basically. Not to dismiss the issues, but you can find these issues at play and systemically in the history and nominating bodies of almost all entertainment awards.

And even if it is going through a very big crisis of identity as an awards show and even though it's seen as problematic, there is a limited power for that and a shelf-life, i think, for how relevant that will be. Cancelling the actual ceremony is a big deal. But I, for one, am glad they're still giving the awards out.

The Oscars didn't stop meaning something, let alone stop being given out, when #OscarsSoWhite was coming for it hard, or the years after that started when the nominations got even less diverse than before, if I remember correctly.

It's much much less likely that Garfield will win Best Actor at the oscars for Tick Tick Boom, but I'm glad he got to win it from the Globes tonight.

I think it's nearly impossible that Rachel Zegler will win Best Actress at the Oscars, I'm glad she won a GG tonight.


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