Performance Schedule Announced for 2022 FRIGID Festival, 2/16-3/6 at The Kraine Theater & UNDER St. Marks
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FRIGID New York Announces Performance Schedule for 2022 FRIGID Festival

February 16-March 6, 2022 at
The Kraine Theater & UNDER St. Marks

FRIGID New York will present the 16th Annual FRIGID Festival at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue A), February 16-March 6, 2022. Tickets are available for advance purchase at www.frigid.nyc. Performances will also be available to livestream from home. Proof of full vaccination is required for all in-person audience members.

The FRIGID Festival is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of the Indie Theater Community, 100% of box office proceeds go directly to the artists whose work is being presented. FRIGID is here to chill out the New York independent theatre scene's ideas of what a theatre festival can be!

A Hanky and a Top Hat!
Presented by Torkova Entertainment - New York, NY
Written & Performed by Bobby Torkova, Directed by Gene Santarelli
A Hanky and a Top Hat! is an autobiographical solo play that tells of a little boy who stutters, reads comic books and dreams of becoming a professional magician. While this is not your traditional magic show, it does feature actual magic performances to help illustrate the story.??
Fri 2/18 5:15pm; Sat 2/26 10:30pm; Mon 2/28 8:45pm; Fri 3/4 8:45pm & Sun 3/6 1:45pm at UNDER St. Marks

A Play for Voices
Presented by Dragonfire Makers Collective - Brooklyn, NY
Written by Melody Bates, Co-Directed by David Bennett & Gulshan Mia
A Play for Voices takes place in the dark, with sparks. This collaboration between writer-performer Melody Bates (R & J & Z), Julia Cavagna (Theater to the People), Fumio Tashiro, and Miho Morita is part sound immersion, part sensory deprivation tank, part Beckettian experiment. A non-linear lament, with jokes and magic. And cake.
Wed 2/16 7pm; Sun 2/20 1:45pm; Wed 2/23 8:45pm; Thu 3/2 10:30pm & Sat 3/5 5:15pm at UNDER St. Marks

A Public Private Prayer
Written & Performed by Grant Bowen - New York, NY
Directed by Amanda Pinto
Grant Bowen is still trying to figure out whether he believes that God exists or not. Now he's resorting to one last tactic...talking to God Himself! Through sharing his personal stories, Grant will explore his doubt and hopefully find real salvation.
Thu 2/17 7pm; Sun 2/20 4:45pm; Fri 2/25 6:30pm; Mon 2/28 10:30pm & Sun 3/6 1:15pm at The Kraine Theater

Are You Lovin' It?
Presented by Theatre Group GUMBO - Osaka, Japan
Written by Theatre Group GUMBO, Directed by Kayo Tamura
Winner of "Media Pick" at Edmonton Fringe, "BEST in Fest" at Tampa Fringe. A huge hit at fringe fests across the US and Canada. Japanese GUMBO invites you to a surreal romp with dancing Japanese businessmen, Krazy Kitty and delicious WacDonalds for all. You won't be able to stop laughing!
Wed 2/23 7pm; Sat 2/26 4:45pm; Mon 2/28 7pm; Tue 3/1 8:45pm; Thu 3/3 8:45pm & Sun 3/6 4:45pm at The Kraine Theater

As You Will
Created by Conor D. Mullen, David Brummer & George Hider - New York, NY
If there's one problem with the 884,647 words William Shakespeare wrote, it's that they've all been performed already. What about the virtually infinite number of words he hasn't written... yet? The players of As You Will take your suggestions to create the plays the immortal bard would've written if he hadn't gone and died.
Thu 2/17 10:30pm; Sun 2/20 8:45pm; Tue 2/22 7pm; Mon 2/28 7pm & Fri 3/4 7pm at UNDER St. Marks

Bathroom of a Bar on Bleecker
Written & Directed by Mike Lemme - New York, NY
Emil Ferzola stars in this dark comedy about recording the final episode of America's #1 podcast live in the bathroom of a bar on Bleecker Street in New York City. Witness the end of an era.
Sat 2/19 1:45pm; Thu 2/24 10:30pm; Sat 2/26 8:45pm; Sun 2/27 3:30pm & Sun 3/6 7pm at UNDER St. Marks

Written & Performed by Bill Bowers - Missoula, MT
Bivouac: a makeshift shelter; a place for essentials and provisions while on a journey or on the battlefield. Internationally acclaimed mime artist Bill Bowers investigates the texture of memory, what do we choose to remember and what memories choose us?
Sat 2/19 3pm; Sun 2/20 6:30pm; Tue 2/22 7pm; Sat 2/26 8:15pm & Fri 3/4 4:45pm at The Kraine Theater

Blockbuster Guy
Presented by Hub Theatricals - Brooklyn, NY
Written by Mark Levy, Directed by Kristen Keim
Mark Levy grew up as an outcast and became a movie nerd. So much so that he worked at Blockbuster Video in college in small town Florida. Experience the highs and lows of choosing escapism and DVDs and what movies can do to someone in this hilarious new storytelling show.
Wed 2/16 7pm & Fri 3/4 6:30pm at The Kraine Theater

Driver's Seat
Presented by A Student Driver Production - Boston, MA
Written & Performed by Ellie Brelis, Directed by Skye Murie
A one-woman show, based on true events. A story of living with disability, a mental health crisis and hospitalization, a once-in-a-lifetime heartbreak, coming out as queer, and possibly learning how to drive. A woman's darkest moments shared on stage, while finding humor and a journey to recovery along the way.
Fri 2/18 10:30pm; Wed 2/23 7pm; Sun 2/27 1:45pm; Sun 2/27 8:45pm & Wed 3/2 8:45pm at UNDER St. Marks

Eleanor Conway: Vaxxed & Waxxed
Presented by Rebellious Productions - London, UK
Written & Performed by Eleanor Conway
UK standup Eleanor Conway regularly sells out international tours with her energetic and blunt takes on dating & hookup culture. This award-winning comic makes her US debut and asks 'How can women negotiate equal pay in the boardroom if they cannot negotiate equal orgasms in the bedroom?'
Thu 2/24 8:45pm; Sun 2/27 4:45pm; Mon 2/28 8:45pm; Tue 3/1 10:30pm; Thu 3/3 10:30pm & Sat 3/5 8:15pm at The Kraine Theater

Ha Ha Hawai`i (The Show)
Presented by Hawai`i Public Theatre - `Aiea, HI
Written by Aitor Basauri, Michael Burgos, Kukana Murakoshi & Anna Walden
Ha Ha Hawai`i (The Show) is a pre-contact physical comedy romp through today, in search of `aka`aka (laughter). Three actors of the `Aiea Acting Association put seriousness behind them, making laughter sacred once again. Using native mo`olelo, hula, `oli, and hip-hop, the trio finds aloha, hoka (loss) and hanai `ohana (supportive family).
Sat 2/19 1:15pm; Sat 2/26 6:30pm; Sat 3/5 3pm & Sun 3/6 6:30pm at The Kraine Theater

Human Flailings
Presented by Lifestage, Inc - Smithtown, NY
Written & Performed by Jude Treder-Wolff
When a 20-year partnership ends in sudden betrayal, psychotherapist and storyteller Jude Treder-Wolff wakes up to a troubling lifelong pattern. In the style of a Lifetime movie, this comedic account of her search to understand it unpacks how beliefs shape reality and the power of what lies beneath.
Thu 2/17 8:45pm; Wed 2/23 8:45pm; Sun 2/27 6:30pm; Wed 3/2 10:30pm & Sat 3/5 6:30pm at The Kraine Theater

Love & Sex on the Spectrum
Presented by Spectrum Love Productions - Los Angeles, CA
Written by George Steeves, Directed by Megan Ford Miller
An atypical romantic comedy, that explores all of the awkward firsts that come with dating, sex and love from a late bloomer's perspective. Being on the autism spectrum is challenging enough, now add dating to the mix. There's quite a learning curve. Experience all the lessons and laughs, along with the dos and don'ts, on how to be your most authentic self, and to truly love yourself at the end of the day.
Fri 2/18 7pm; Mon 2/21 8:45pm; Sun 2/27 7pm; Fri 3/4 10:30pm & Sat 3/5 3:30pm at UNDER St. Marks

Written by Robert Leverett, Directed by Liza Couser - New York, NY
At a luxury health facility, a staff of doctors, scientists, and robots assist patients' transition to a meat-free lifestyle, with the help of a blood-sucking tick whose bite induces a meat allergy in humans. Through spectacle, comedy, and a sci-fi spin, MEAT questions our ability to create lasting change.
Fri 2/18 6:30pm; Tue 2/22 10:30pm; Fri 2/25 4:45pm; Thu 3/3 7pm & Sat 3/5 1:15pm at The Kraine Theater

My Grandmother's Eye Patch
Presented by Clowns Can Dance - New York, NY
Written & Performed by Julia VanderVeen, Directed by Aitor Basauri
In this one woman show, physical comedian Julia gives a eulogy for her long-deceased Grandma Mamie. Julia's goodbye ritual includes everything imaginable, reminding the audience both of how precious life is, and also how absurd.
Sat 2/19 7pm; Fri 2/25 7pm; Mon 2/28 10:30pm; Fri 3/4 5:15pm & Sun 3/6 3:30pm at UNDER St. Marks

Portly Lutheran Know-It-All
Written & Performed by Matt Storrs - New York, NY
When faced with the prospect of attending a religious middle school, Matt Storrs, a portly Lutheran boy, decides to act out for the first time in his life. Clashes with religion, sexuality, and retaliatory arts n' crafts quickly ensue. There's personal revelation, cultural damnation, and ultimately a new reformation.
Fri 2/18 8:45pm; Sun 2/20 3:30pm; Mon 2/21 7pm; Fri 2/25 10:30pm & Thu 3/3 8:45pm at UNDER St. Marks

Pueblo Revolt
Presented by No Peeking Theatre - New York, NY
Written By Dillon Chitto
A dark comedy about 2 indigenous brothers living in Pueblo Isleta on the cusp of the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico.
Sat 2/19 5:15pm; Thu 2/24 7pm; Sat 2/26 7pm; Wed 3/3 10:30pm & Sat 3/5 8:45pm at UNDER St. Marks

Smile All The Time
Written & Performed by Amanda Erin Miller - New York, NY
In this makeshift puppet-filled tragicomic romp, sixteen-year-old Kevin re-enacts the wild series of events that landed him in prison for an imaginary audience inside his cell. Created and performed by award-winning theater artist, Amanda Erin Miller.
Thu 2/17 7pm; Sat 2/19 10:30pm; Mon 2/21 10:30pm; Thu 2/24 8:45pm; Sun 2/27 5:15pm at UNDER St. Marks

Presented by TeamTheatre - New York, NY
Written by Mikaela Duffy, Directed by Gwendolyn Snow
StarSweeper is a heartwarming and heart-breaking adventure experience where Sergeant Riley traverses lightyears over the course of a 5-year-solo mission. With sharp humor and deft storytelling, StarSweeper uses discussions of humanity and the beauty of existence to flash a new light of hope into the darkness of today's reality.
Sat 2/19 4:45pm; Mon 2/21 8:45pm; Thu 2/24 10:30pm; Sun 2/27 8:15pm; Wed 3/2 8:45pm & Sun 3/6 8:15pm at The Kraine Theater

That sh$t don't work! Does it?
Written & Performed by Howie Jones - Rochester, NY
That sh$t don't work! Does it? Is a psychological journey down the rabbit hole of how we perceive language and suggestion. The show is designed to challenge the audience's perception of beliefs and the capability of the human mind.
Thu 2/17 10:30pm; Sat 2/19 8:15pm; Tue 2/22 8:45pm; Thu 2/24 7pm & Sat 2/26 1:15pm at The Kraine Theater

The Disney Delusion
Presented by Prosperity Mule Productions - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Written & Performed by Leif Oleson-Cormack
Comedian Leif Oleson-Cormack pushes confessional comedy to its limits in this show about a methodically moronic plan to double-down on unrequited love through a disastrous trip to Disneyland. Featuring criminal acts, surgically-altered sugar daddies, Sinatra impersonators, and a cynically-charged "coming out", this (unfortunately) true story is not to be missed.
Sat 2/19 6:30pm; Wed 2/23 10:30pm; Sat 2/26 3pm; Wed 3/2 7pm; Fri 3/4 8:15pm & Sat 3/5 4:45pm at The Kraine Theater

The Last To Know
Written & Performed by Jean Ann Le Bec, Directed by David Lawson - New York, NY
This is the story of a marriage. This is the story of love and betrayal. This a story about uncovering the truth and peeling away years of deceit. This is a woman's journey, as she moves from victim to survivor of narcissistic abuse.
Sat 2/19 3:30pm; Wed 2/23 10:30pm; Fri 2/25 8:45pm; Sat 3/5 1:45pm; Sat 3/5 7pm; Sun 3/6 5:15pm; at UNDER St. Marks

The Lonely Road
Written & Performed by Will Clegg, Directed by David Crabb - Jersey City, NJ
In the summer of 2003, a heartbroken, unemployed young filmmaker set out on a solo journey across the USA. In The Lonely Road, two-time Moth winner Will Clegg tells true stories from an epic trip across post 9/11 America, featuring his own black and white photography and raw, unfiltered emotion. Fri 2/18 8:15pm; Mon 2/21 7pm; Sun 2/27 3pm; Tue 3/1 7pm & Sun 3/6 3pm at The Kraine Theater

The Pleasure's Mine
Written & Performed by Molly Brenner, Directed by Elizabeth Bennett - New York, NY
The Pleasure's Mine chronicles comedian Molly Brenner's (very) long journey to her first orgasm…and explores other wanton pleasures along the way. In a revealing hour of standup and storytelling, Molly explores everything that feels good -- but sometimes doesn't. Wed 2/16 8:45pm; Sat 2/19 8:45pm; Sat 2/26 5:15pm; Wed 3/2 7pm & Sat 3/5 10:30pm at UNDER St. Marks

The Story of Falling Don
Presented by Brooklyn Culture Jam - New York, NY
Written & Performed by Daniel Kinch
The Story of Falling Don is the true story of Daniel Kinch's first day at a new job on 9/11/2001. The office he worked in faced the Twin Towers, and gave him an unintended front-row seat on the attacks on the World Trade Center's twin towers.
Wed 2/16 10:30pm; Sun 2/20 7pm; Sat 2/26 3:30pm; Tue 3/1 7pm; Sun 3/6 8:45pm at UNDER St. Marks

Three Funerals and a Chimp
Written & Performed by Brian Schiller - New York, NY
Three Funerals and a Chimp is Brian's autobiographical stand-up narrative about the deaths of his mother and brother which precipitated his move to Southern Florida and becoming a live-in caregiver to his dad before his passing. Brian goes on an unexpected journey in this funny search for meaning and truth.
Thu 2/17 8:45pm; Sun 2/20 5:15pm; Fri 2/25 5:15pm; Sat 2/26 1:45pm & Thu 3/3 7pm at UNDER St. Marks

Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life
Presented by Quivering Dendrites - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Written & Performed by Keith Alessi, Directed by Erika Conway
Tomatoes returns to NYC where it sold out Off Broadway in 2019. This show was awarded "Most Inspirational" at the 2019 FRIGID Festival. A true story, told with humor and music which has toured across Canada, the UK and the US, garnering numerous five-star reviews and Best of Fringe Awards.
Wed 2/16 8:45pm; Fri 2/18 4:45pm; Sun 2/20 3pm; Fri 2/25 8:15pm & Sun 2/27 1:15pm at The Kraine Theater

FRIGID New York's mission is to provide both emerging and established artists the opportunity to create and produce original work without limit to content, form, or style, and to amplify their diverse voices. We do this by presenting an array of monthly programming, mainstage productions, an artist residency, and seven annual theater festivals that create an environment of collaboration, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1998, the aim was and is to form a structure, allowing multiple artists to focus on creating and staging new work and providing affordable rental space to scores of independent artists. Now in our third decade we have produced a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater. www.frigid.nyc
Link http://www.frigid.nyc

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