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Posted by: Chazwaza 03:49 pm EST 01/10/22
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By which you mean he didn't display obvious gay "tells" and mannerisms/vocal approach, the way Bob Martin did?

It's interesting. When the show came out, my main hesitation was how it looked to me like "come laugh at the sad, lonely, pathetic old show queen and his pointless obsession with a bad old musical" the musical. As I've gotten older I've become somewhat less bothered by that, but I still find it to be a sad way into the show... and coming from a man who identifies and lives as straight (Bob Martin) writing and playing it... I always felt a bit weird. Not that there aren't plenty of gay men who experience what the show portrays for him, or that having the joy and life he gets from his musical records isn't a wonderful thing. But I've always been sensitive to how the world, and straight people, see "show queens", especially older ones who are unattached. Like it feels like they think that life is just even sadder because of their obsession with a genre of music or entertainment that the straight audiences watching it do not fully understand the reason for obsessing about, other than general "gayness". Even if his sexuality is not discussed... which maybe makes it worse and sadder.

Bob Martin seems to love writing flamboyant, stereotypical show queens in the books he writes for musicals.

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