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Plays and musicals used to have more intermissions.

Some plays did, not many musicals.

Musicals are usually in two acts and frequently without intermissions at all.

Musicals written in 2 formal acts (which is the overwhelming majority of them) invariably have an intermission. I can't think of any offhand that don't, except in the case of occasional concept productions that deliberately change the material to do so (the most recent West Side Story being an example). There are several musicals, such as Follies, Nine, 1776, and Man Of La Mancha, that were conceived as one-act shows but generally have intermissions put in.

The last new Broadway musical in three acts was The Most Happy Fella

No - both Anyone Can Whistle and The Apple Tree were after that. And Fosse was in 3 acts as well. And, the original R&H Cinderella was first on TV a year after Most Happy Fella, and then was developed into a 3-act stage version after that.

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