Lin-Manuel Miranda has written a Top 10 hit
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The Lin-Manuel Miranda-composed "We Don't Talk About Bruno," from the Disney animated film, Encanto, vaults from No. 50 to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. I believe this is the first time that Miranda has written a Top 10 song on the overall singles chart. "Bruno" was apparently #1 on Spotify, and its video, linked below, has already had 62 million views in 2 weeks. The soundtrack to Encanto, which was recently released on Disney+, is No. 1 on the album chart. It's only the 6th animated film to have its soundtrack hit No. 1. (Moana got to No. 2.)

I have not seen the film, but I am guessing the song has outsized impact in the film. It doesn't seem like the kind of song that would be #2 on "Trending for Music" on YouTube, as it is right now.

Interestingly, "Bruno" was not submitted for Oscars consideration. Strategizing, the film decided to submit only one song, "Dos Oruguitas," which is on the shortlist of 15 songs, from which five will be chosen as the final nominees. Also on the shortlist is "The Anonymous Ones" from Dear Evan Hansen. Broadway veterans Idina Menzel and Jennifer Hudson are also composers on the shortlist, for songs they premiered in films this year.
Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvWRMAU6V-c

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