Tony Kushner dishes about working with Spielberg and Sondheim on 'West Side Story' (spoilers!)
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One of the things I love most about Steven Spielberg's reimagined ''West Side Story'' is Tony Kushner's remarkable screenplay. He gave it so much historical context and added depth to all of its principal players. Its actors have said that Kushner gave each of them pages and pages of backstory.

In this new interview with GoldDerby.com, Kushner reveals the research, care and consideration that went into various changes and choices.

He also said Sondheim would criticize his lyrics, and Kushner would tell him he was wrong. And though Sondheim was amenable and appreciative of Kushner's revisions, there was one alteration that Sondheim wouldn't budge on. All in all, it sounds like they had an incredible collaboration.
Link GoldDerby.com: Tony Kushner Explains the Biggest Change He Made to 'West Side Story'

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