re: Meanwhile, what's actually going on...
Posted by: ryhog 10:15 am EST 01/13/22
In reply to: Meanwhile, what's actually going on... - reed23 09:38 am EST 01/13/22

As I have been saying for a pretty long time, there is a leadership vacuum. on both sides. The league has lost all credibility by the jaw-dropping level of cluelessness, and AEA has not found a way to bridge the tension between its dual obligations to its members (by which I mean keeping people working, and keeping people safe). Wanna ask the tough question? Ask for a transparent audit of SVOG. Then let's talk.

The facts are: there is no economically viable path for a lot of the shows that are currently running; the cost of AEA's proposal, even in its full form, is de minimis; and there are delusional people on both sides.

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