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Posted by: bicoastal 06:22 pm EST 01/14/22
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I remember Ronstadt at the time saying that adding "Sorry Her Lot" was key to her accepting the role because she had grown up listening to G&S and adored that song. Pity (and ironic) that it was cut from the film (which I love). The Broadway recording is one of my desert island CDs--I never tire of listening to it. Also, true story, when the cast appeared on Saturday Night Live, Ronstadt said she would only do it if they announced the appearance as "the cast of Pirates of Penzance" and NOT "Linda Ronstadt and the cast of....", out of respect for everyone she was working with. Sure enough, the week before they announced it as "Linda Ronstadt and the cast of..." and she immediately canceled. It took a lot of work for them to get her back on board, including an apology to the cast. Gotta love her for that! (PS Her autobio is a great read, 90% focused on the music and musicians that influenced her and that she played with.)

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