How was Pam Dawber?
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The LA cast was on Merv Griffin but she was sick and the understudy went on. Pity. I guess no one knew then that youtube would make these talk shows live forever.

This must have been a fascinating show to frequent. So many star cast replacements. (any stories of who you saw?)

I saw it twice as a kid. The first time I don't remember too well. Karla De Vito was Mabel. Estelle Parsons and Kevin Kline were both out which I was old enough to know was a disappointment.

I saw it again (which I remember better) with Maureen McGovern, Patrick Cassidy, Gary Sandy and Kaye Ballard. All were good. I remember McGovern's coloratura was excellent but she didn't really look the role. Laurie Beachman was one of the daughters. I don't really remember her singing just that it was summer and she was VERY tan. Much too tan for a Brit!

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