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Posted by: ryhog 06:12 pm EST 01/15/22
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About the first, how much do you wish the smart phone had come into existence a few decades earlier? LOL

About the second, I basically agree with your points. I think it is pretty clear, and he did not shy away from saying so, he was motivated to tell the stories that were of interest to him and I just don't think telling stories from a gay prism was very interesting to him. I heard him say substantially that once (albeit a lot more pithily). It is well to remember that very few people (now but certainly during his era) had gay parents so to suggest that someone with a large plateful of "parent issues" (some but certainly not all of which had anything to do with anyone being gay) to deal with in a literary way would want to do so by making straight people gay, etc., strikes me as kinda silly. One other observation: it is also well to remember that Edward did not really write "for Broadway." To be sure, there were times in his life that his work would have an easy time getting there, but I don't think he was disappointed when plays he "needed" to write didn't. (The Play About the Baby comes to mind, but there are many others.) Had he had a "gay play" floating around in the back of his head, he certainly had plenty of opportunities - long after he was "established" - to write it.

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