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Posted by: ilw 09:12 am EST 01/16/22
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The Sound of Music skit was quite funny, especially the new lyrics to "Do Re Mi." I liked that they made fun of "la, a note to follow so," a lyric that has always bothered me.

For some of us musical theater fans, it can be tough to get past SNL's sloppy lyrics, with missed rhymes and the wrong numbers of syllables, but, at least this time, the cleverness of the lyrics compensated. That wasn't the case for the lackluster parody of "Edelweiss," which followed. Just the title of the Mad Magazine version "Abel Weiss" is funnier than the whole SNL version. Also, if I remember correctly, Mad Magazine's lyrics were well-crafted in fitting the music and the rhyme scheme.
Link SNL - New Governess

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