re: Clyde's on livestream (spoilers at end)
Posted by: Amiens 04:18 pm EST 01/16/22
In reply to: Clyde's on livestream (spoilers at end) - mikem 01:03 pm EST 01/16/22

I agree with all of your criticisms of the play, which I saw livestreamed on Saturday. I was mostly disappointed in the script and felt that Uzo Aduba wasn't given much more than an outrageous caricature to play, which became tiresome after her first few appearances. Actually all of the characters seemed to be playing the same emotional beats throughout.

As for the filming technique, I wish the camera had zoomed in a bit more. Not necessarily closeups but less time spent on the entire stage picture. I didn't particularly feel like I was watching a live performance any more than a filmed performance with an audience, though that didn't particularly bother me.

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