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I liked it, but it's one of my least favorite of the major Rodgers and Hammerstein to begin with and I was in the chorus of it in high school, which wasn't as much fun as you might think ("Li'l Abner" was the most fun chorus experience I had). I don't think Fish's re-visioning works for everything (and he probably tries to do too many things in the course of one production--including media effects that don't work and a "dream ballet," which, while well-danced, didn't seem to me to have much to do with the plot--even if viewed on a purely expressionistic level). But there were many things--including a number of performances--in the Broadway production that were exciting. I don't know whether I think Fish's staging could be successfully adapted to a proscenium and I would need to see the touring production to decide whether the idea of casting trans performers as the secondary couple (Ado Annie and Will) brings anything productive (especially if the vocal ranges need to be adapted to typical differences between male and female voices--though I realize that it all depends on each performer--some may have vocal ranges that, either innately or because of hormone therapy, sit in the ranges, fit the score as written). I did like the adaptation of the orchestration for country band--not the same as the sweeping sound opf the full orchestra, but inventive.

So there--just another opinion

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