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I had no idea that anyone would even reply to my post. I was blown away by all the comments, and I was certainly convinced to see the Chicago production.

I was a little worried that the non-equity group that staged it might not be up to the challenge, but they were really quite good. Their set design was also top-notch.

The Real Inspector Hound is considered one of Stoppard's best works. After seeing it, I can understand why. It's very strange that the Burns Mantle series failed to name it's off-Broadway debut as one of the 10 Best Plays of 1971-72, (although they do give it a mention as being notable).

This Stoppard treasure is a devastatingly wicked parody of The Mousetrap. I am very fond of Christie's play, which I initially saw in London in '96 and more recently at the Court Theatre in Chicago. It's not a masterpiece like her And Then There Were None, but it's still a very solid, enjoyable work.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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