FLYING OVER SUNSET - Final performance yesterday
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I was hesitant to return to the theater (first time since COMPANY in November) but really wanted to catch FLYING OVER SUNSET before it closed, so I bit the bullet and went.

What an odd yet beautiful show. So glad LCT took this chance on a new American musical and gave it such an extravagant production. I found it boldly theatrical and visually stunning. It’s just that the subject matter is so…strange. Set in the 1950’s, four real life artists coincidentally meet and decide to take a fictional LSD trip together. Not sure what the point was or why this set up should resonate with audiences, but it was beautifully presented. There was A LOT of talent on that stage. Carmen Cusack, Tony Yazbeck, and Harry Hadden-Paton were all in fine form. Atticus Ware, as the young Cary Grant, gave a memorable Broadway debut. The lighting, projections, sound design, and orchestrations were all first rate. The score was lovely, especially the title song, which, a day later, I still can’t stop humming. My favorite aspect of the production, though, was the choreography/musical staging by Michelle Dorrance. She gives Tony Yazbeck and Atticus Ware a tap number that brings the house down, but, just as impressive, was how she used the sounds of the actors feet to create rhythm in the simple act of walking around the stage. So good.

I suspect a lot of ink will be spilled writing about this show and highlighting its flaws, particularly its problematic second act, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Some shows are more than the sum of their parts. This one may be less - but who could deny how great some of those parts are? I was thoroughly entertained and never less than riveted by it. There’s so much to enjoy in this quirky show.

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