re: FLYING OVER SUNSET - Final performance yesterday
Posted by: ianx73 10:46 pm EST 01/17/22
In reply to: FLYING OVER SUNSET - Final performance yesterday - Shutterbug 04:53 pm EST 01/17/22

I’ve seen Flying Over Sunset 3x (God bless Play by Play) My appreciation for it has just deepened on each viewing. This is a musical about transcendent moments in life and the feelings that defy logic esp those enhanced by LSD. From the lovely opening number at Rexall's, to Yazbeck's one for the history books show stopper to the title song sung by Cusack, the musical casts a real spell. The second act can be meandering and I guess for some pointless. But by the third viewing, I realized just how moving it was to watch these 4 people making authentic connection with each other other set against such beautiful scenic design and music. During these difficult times when theater is so necessary and yet so fragile, this oddball, lovely musical feels like just the right show for the moment .

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