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I saw the Jackman/Trever Nunn production in nyc and I remember the projections were impressive as well. I didn't like the production much.

Comparing it with the Fish production I'd say the Fish production had much more of a thematic and aesthetic integrity to it. I still struggled with the Fish production, I felt like I was in an operating room watching OKLAHOMA getting vivisected. I loved some things like the boots falling from the sky and the bloody ending. Other things irked me, I had seen those flag buntings used as an art gallery trope for the past few years and even though they worked beautifully in the design they felt trendy to me. The black out scene did not land for me and I found it rather precious.

Looking back on the Fish production it seems to have captured the American zeitgeist of the Trump era in a way that other theater pieces have not yet been able to. Someone above asked why not pick on Shaw to deconstruct and leave Rodgers & Hammerstein alone, but R&H are our Shaw or at least as central to American theater as any play by a canonical playwright.

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