re: One of the great head-scratchers of all time.
Posted by: ianx73 12:22 pm EST 01/18/22
In reply to: One of the great head-scratchers of all time. - ShowGoer 08:02 am EST 01/18/22

The shows you mentioned are perfect examples of musicals initially derided that developed the over used "cult following' It will be interesting to see what happens to Sunset after the cast recording. I remember how many people initially hated Sunday in the Park and Sweeney Todd when they first opened (I'm not comparing Sunset to either of those in quality ) Frank Rich a man whose opinions I greatly value said:

Don't be a theatergoer who two years, or ten, from now "wished" they'd been there. @FlyingSunsetBwy
is a brilliant culmination of James Lapine's work in "Twelve Dreams," "Sunday in the Park" and "Into the Woods."

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