really putting words in our mouths at the end there...
Posted by: Chazwaza 01:01 pm EST 01/18/22
In reply to: One of the great head-scratchers of all time. - ShowGoer 08:02 am EST 01/18/22

so the three options of an experience with this show, as you understand it, are "you mostly disliked it, or you thought it had moments if genius, or both, everyone can agree we wish had been better than it was."

After reading Shutterbug's generally glowing review, which reads to me as *clearly* in the "liked it more than just a few moments", you've decided everyone either mostly disliked it or, at best, saw it as having moments of genius...

How about this... I really liked it and I thought it had moments of genius and I also wish it had been better in some respects.
I suspect Shutterbug would say the same. As would many who've posted about liking it, and many who haven't.

The narrative that everyone hates this show, even if they can see a few promising flares in it, is ridiculous.
And in a time when nothing is selling the way it would, when a new covid surge is impacting everyone's choices about where to sit indoors with strangers, to assume that a show with no stars and no famous title, opening with bad word-of-mouth, in a pandemic surge, isn't going to sell... and if not then it means no one wanted to see it or liked it... is silly. We'll never know. I know I, and shutterbug (not to mention the people I saw it with and many others I know), liked it more than most, I'm not blind to how many people did not like it at all. I know we're still in the minority. But I don't think you can claim its closing as just pure factual results of it being bad or disliked.

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