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Posted by: ShowGoer 01:33 pm EST 01/18/22
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Possibly being slightly over-reductive, but I really don't think I'm putting words in anyone's mouths in saying people generally seem to agree they think it could've been better; Shutterbug's post was beautifully written, I agree with a lot of what he said, and it was generally positive overall - but any 'review' that includes phrases like "Not sure what the point was or why this set up should resonate with audiences, but it was beautifully presented", "Some shows are more than the sum of their parts. This one may be less..." and "There was A LOT of talent on that stage" – would hardly be classified as a glowing rave. Nor did I imply that even the people who saw its promise secretly hate it, or whatever words you seemed to have put in my mouth by suggesting I was perpetuating a false narrative about the show being "hated".

But it's a simple fact that if the fans of the show weren't solidly in the minority, it wouldn't have ended its run early. It's great to love something, and everyone who loved it should cherish it. (I've had my own pet shows that were disappointments at the box office in the past 10 years or so, things that I'll never understand why they couldn't achieve more than middling word-of-mouth and short runs – but while like you, I accept the fact that I was in the minority, I also understand it isn't a "false narrative" that the general critical and popular response played a significant role in its closing.)

True, there are many things we'll never know, about this show and about this season in general. But despite the pandemic, at a time when shows like "Six" and "The Music Man" are sold out or close to selling out, off-Broadway shows like "Assassins", "Morning Sun" and "Kimberly Akimbo" were extended multiple times and sold out their entire runs, and Broadway shows produced by other resident theaters, whether they seem to have done fairly well at the box office ("Lackawanna Blues" and "Caroline or Change") or struggled somewhat ("Trouble in Mind" and "Skeleton Crew") have all at least been playing to the end of their scheduled runs – in my opinion, to say that a show at another non-profit closing a month earlier than planned isn't a reflection on whether it was generally, for the most part, not all that well-liked... is silly.

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