There Won't Be 76 Trumpets??? [SPOILERS]
Posted by: dramaturg 06:11 pm EST 01/18/22

It occurred to me the first time I saw "Anyone Can Whistle" that Arthur Laurents must have consciously echoed the first-act curtain of "The Music Man" when writing "Anyone Can Whistle."  As most of you know, in "Music Man," [SPOILER] Marian has proof that Harold Hill lied about his credentials, but she tears the incriminating page out of the book so that no one will know the truth.  At the end of the second act of "Anyone Can Whistle," [SPOILER] Fay has records showing that Hapgood is insane and came to town to enter Dr. Detmold's "Sanitarium for the Socially Pressured," but she tears up the records.  Having played Fay at Encores! about a decade ago, I wonder if Sutton Foster is experiencing deja vu...

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