'Bonnie & Clyde': For those wild for Wildhorn (like me)
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''So the concert version that just played is moving to the West End in April? What inspired this?''

Jeremy Jordan reprised his Broadway role in ''Bonnie & Clyde'' at a concert version Monday night at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Tickets reportedly sold out in a matter of minutes, and a second show was added. Initially, it was a reunion for Jordan and his Tony-nominated co-star, Laura Osnes, but in the wake of her anti-vax controversy, Olivier nominee Frances Mayli McCann took over as Bonnie. Based on the raves and remarks I've seen at theatreboard.co.uk, it sounds like it was a success, and fans gave it an enthusiastic welcome. And the show's creators - Frank Wildhorn, Don Black and Ivan Menchell - were in the audience, and must've been thrilled to see ''Bonnie & Clyde'' live again, a decade after its short stay on Broadway.

I, for one, loved ''Bonnie & Clyde's'' country-pop score, which includes melodic and moving tunes, like ''How 'Bout a Dance,'' ''Dyin' Ain't So Bad'' and ''You Love Who You Love.'' And the original cast, which also included Claybourne Elder and Melissa Van Der Schyff, was a knockout. But obviously mine was a minority opinion. It closed after 33 previews and 36 performances, earning two Tony nominations (for Osnes and the score) and clearing the way for Jordan to headline in Disney's ''Newsies.'' Since 2011, ''Bonnie & Clyde'' apparently has gained some popularity as a cult musical; it's been produced in Japan and South Korea, as well as all over Europe (in Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, etc.).

At the end of Tuesday's concert, it was announced that the show will move to the West End's Arts Theatre (no word yet on casting).

Meantime, I was happy to hear that these London concerts were filmed and will be streamed at a later date.

Due to the dedicated fans of ''Bonnie & Clyde,'' it appears, to quote one of its song titles, that ''This World Will Remember Us.''
Link BroadwayWorld.com: Review of 'Bonnie & Clyde' in concert at Theatre Royal Drury Lane

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