MUSIC MAN Last Night — It's Really All That
Posted by: Clancy 08:29 am EST 01/19/22

Walked up to the box office about 10 minutes before curtain and bought a great seat. There were a handful of empty orchestra seats but otherwise full. No food or drinks sold (Yippee!). Ushers were on the prowl for surreptitious phone filming.

Watching so many pros work their magic makes for a remarkable evening. Costumes are over the top. Jefferson Mays is nearly unrecognizable. The affection between Shuler Hensley and Hugh Jackman during 'Sadder but Wiser Girl' can't be faked. And you would never guess this is Marie Mullen's first Broadway musical.

Small Spoiler:
It isn't until act two that Sutton Foster dances. And during 'Shipoopi' a lock of hair comes undone from her wig and it's an appropriate symbol of Marian becoming a bit more undone herself. And yes, I confirmed this is a planned wardrobe malfunction.

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