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Posted by: dsikula 02:31 am EST 01/20/22
In reply to: MUSIC MAN Last Night — It's Really All That - Clancy 08:29 am EST 01/19/22

I, too, was there Tuesday night, and thought it was dreadful.

The cast is game and mostly doing their best, but it felt like they'd slashed the book to the bare minimum just to give the numbers some kind of context, then filled those numbers with unnecessary dancing that makes no sense. There's no build; just everyone rushing like they had to get out of the building by 10:00. I felt no chemistry between Harold and Marian (I can't speak to whatever chemistry Jackman and Foster may have), since she just seems angry until the end of Act One, then warms with no real preparation.

The rest of the cast -- Mays and Mullin excepted -- were ciphers, as (surprisingly to me) even Hensley and Houdyshell did nothing, though they had little to work with (though the former was not helped by the new lyrics for "Shipoopi)." Even the new orchestrations seemed thin.

Not surprisingly, though, the audience went bananas. I guess if you go in expecting Hugh Jackman in "The Music Man," this is what you will probably want and get. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Those who like this sort of thing will find this is the sort of thing they like."

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