Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice?
Posted by: PurpleMoney 08:41 am EST 01/20/22

I was lucky to win seat geek tickets last night and the "new-ist" cast is perfect. The seats were in row L on the side-center and provide a great view. The only distraction was a gentleman playing video games next to me on his phone and when his phone rang during the performance. Unfortunately the ringtone was not a song in the show itself and was a minor distraction.

It's my fourth time at Moulin Rouge, twice in Boston, then in August 2019 where I was hugged by Danny during the performance. My younger companion got us standing room, bless her, and we both got to meet Danny up close and personal.

Well, last night I noticed some minor blocking changes, the preshow time was reduced, and one monumental line about the artist that "brought down the house" has been tamed. Taming that one line nearly ruined the night for me.

Anyone notice other changes?

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