re: Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice?
Posted by: student_rush 10:55 am EST 01/20/22
In reply to: Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice? - PurpleMoney 08:41 am EST 01/20/22

I saw the Wednesday matinee and have to push back about the "perfect" current cast.

I don't know what Aaron Tveit is doing up there, but it certainly isn't acting - how is it possible that he has such a long career and that he is truly awful in this show? This fault extends to Alex Timbers and the entire creative team, because he is WOEFULLY miscast as the emotionally vulnerable, fish-out-of-water central POV of the evening. Yes, he can sing the score, but there are so many people who could do that while also trying to communicate some semblance of human emotion in the proceedings. That Tony Award* absolutely has to have an asterisk next to it for all time. What an embarrassment.

Mendoza as 'Satine' is a minor improvement in the acting category (both on Tveit and Karen Olivo), but can't sing the score - she struggles to navigate the beltier moments (her stronger point) with the lighter, higher soprano classical range. The break in between is rough and almost always on display. We can't find a non-white woman who can sing and act this role? There is basically no real dancing required.

Eric Anderson (in one of his first performances in the role) is delightful and - surprisingly? - almost doing a full Jim Broadbent impression from the film. Not that I mind ... this show needs as much of the film's energy as possible.

With such poor leads, the structural weaknesses of the show are really on display. Certain moments of this show are pure cringe: a bad pop song that is no longer popular, shoehorned in (mostly without creativity, even though I think John Logan's book is serviceable), and performed with all the nuance of a Vegas tribute show. The staging of the simple love songs is so boring I wanted to doze off and wake back up afterwards.

When will Broadway creatives actually push for honest, bold, sincere performances from their actors? Without grounded central performances, this is all commerce - a show that performs for the dumb public to gawk at while producers line their pockets and create eighteen productions around the globe. As for the initial post, there is nothing "shocking" in this show ... just enough "skin" to make you think there is a whiff of eroticism to the night's affairs, but it's just another circus show for families.

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