re: Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice?
Posted by: theaterdude 01:46 pm EST 01/20/22
In reply to: re: Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice? - student_rush 10:55 am EST 01/20/22

While I always appreciate someone who honestly shares their opinion, I couldn't disagree with you more.
To start with, your comments about Aaron border on mean, and there's no reason for that. He's obviously a talented performer, I don't need to list his credits for you to see that he never stops working and he's had many, many glowing reviews. He's also a dedicated, reliable performer who is belting those songs every single performance unless he's ill. To call his performance an embarrassment is harsh.

Is Aaron really your issue with Moulin Rouge, or is it Moulin Rouge?!! Sounds like you really disliked the show, and one by one you picked everything about it apart. Hey, no one is forcing you to love anything or anyone.

This show is a huge Broadway extravaganza, it's not meant for theatre intellects looking for a night out. It's the perfect show for tourists and people across the country who want to go out and see something light with big sets, a love story, and a bunch of songs they know from the radio. They will love the costumes, sets, lights and big voices. It may sound cynical but that's maybe that's all that audience needs for their hard earned buck,
It's not Shakespeare and it doesn't need to be, and for what it is, it is done very well. You can see every penny they spent on that stage.
It's an entertainment.
If what you're saying about Mendoza is true, that's upsetting, because whoever is in that role needs to be able to handle the vocals and I can't stand seeing someone who needs to rely on mixing when its the wrong sound.

I think it's a fun show with something for everyone. It is what it is.

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