Speaking up for Asian-Americans and calling out the stereotypes
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Ricamora, a Theatre World Award winner, voices the frustrations of many Asian-American performers, often forced to play stereotypes:

“What does it [expletive] cost me, us all of my Asian American brothers and sisters?” he recounted, his voice shaking. “Here’s what it costs us: Women are constantly made to play prostitutes and just sexual beings. As Asian American men, we’re constantly asked to get rid of our sexuality completely and to be the butt of the joke and to be treated as third-class citizens.

“When you see Asian Americans standing up onstage in the theater, they’re overcoming so many years of people telling them to push that aside and be a stereotype,” he added, tearing up. “We all wonder, ‘When are we going to get a chance to exist fully?’ And ‘Soft Power’ felt like that for all of us.”

I was hoping Elisabeth Vincentelli's wonderful interview might include a hint of hope or an update about ''Soft Power'' or ''Here Lies Love.''

Both of those Tony-caliber shows were such passionate and powerful showcases of Asian-American talent that belong on Broadway.
Link BroadwayWorld.com: Conrad Ricamora Rises to 'Soft Power' and Blasts Trump for Getting Away With Racism (2018)

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