I saw Moulin Rouge yesterday and I have to agree
Posted by: aleck 05:21 pm EST 01/20/22
In reply to: re: Changes to Moulin Rouge. What did you notice? - student_rush 10:55 am EST 01/20/22

Taking advantage of lots of empty seats and ready availability of discount tickets at TKTS (and elsewhere), I caught Moulin Rouge yesterday evening from the second row, center of the front mezzanine. I don't get that Aaron Tveit. It was like he was sleepwalking through the performance -- although he cranked it up for his last big solo numbers. Except for those moments he looked bored and mechanical. The chemistry between the two leads was zero. The female lead, who has a great body, was so flat and boring I couldn't understand why the Tveit character was supposed to be so enamored of her (other than for her great body). I didn't believe for a minute that there was any type of attraction between the two that matched the dialog and song choices.

Otherwise, was this production always so LOUD? Or have they turned up the volume and the reverb dial to make up for any type of human energy. Also, from the second row of the front mezzanine you couldn't see al that was happening on the runway that extended into the orchestra section. The people further up in the mezzanine (in areas that used to be called the balcony) must have seen even less. I don't see what the fuss is about this production other than the amazing set and costumes. It seemed kind of desperate to START the show with fireworks and confetti thrown into the audience. That's cheap stuff that is usually saved for the ending -- which is done here as well. The movie was way, way better, but, of course, we had the involved Ewen McGregor to add some believability.

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