theater actors in HBO's "The Gilded Age"
Posted by: ilw 09:25 pm EST 01/20/22

In the Hollywood Reporter's review of the new HBO drama The Gilded Age, Dan Fienberg writes:

"Fellowes has raided Broadway’s upper echelon on a level that I’m going to have to guess is unprecedented for a show so young. I’ve mentioned Baranski, Nixon, O’Hara and Finneran, a group in which seven-time Tony nominee O’Hara must’ve felt insecure about her lone win, but that’s barely the tip of the Tony-winning iceberg. Audra McDonald plays Peggy’s mother. Donna Murphy is Mrs. Astor, one of several real-life luminaries woven into the tale, along with tastemaker Ward McAllister, played by Nathan Lane. Bill Irwin plays a potential beau for Ada. Michael Cerveris, Celia Keenan-Bolger and Debra Monk play “downstairs” denizens with secrets. Tony winners all! It’s almost a surprise to see that admired stage performers like Coon, Patrick Page, Linda Emond and John Douglas Thompson only have Tony nominations to their credit. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the musical episode of The Gilded Age will be the greatest episode of television ever made."
Link Dan Fienberg's review of HBO's

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