Rockabye Hamlet
Posted by: aleck 09:51 am EST 01/21/22
In reply to: Meat Loaf in Hair - Delvino 07:25 am EST 01/21/22

I saw Rockabye Hamlet. One of the moments seared into my brain that lingers there along with many other specific, highlighted memories from various productions over the years is the vision of Meat Loaf, wearing a huge cape that billowed and emphasized his bulk, walking down a long curved set of stairs against the rear of the set. For some reason that moment of excess (accompanied, as I recall, with some type of loud "rock" music") summarized the awfulness of that production. I still have the program and had secretly wished I could one day get Meat Loaf to sign it for me. I'm so glad he went on to other, more successful efforts.

BTW, while Meat Loaf was sometimes referred to as Mr. Loaf, Tiny Tim was always acknowledged in interviews as Mr. Tim. (You can see those interviews on Youtube.)

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