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I've been trying to read Weiss' review of Pass Over but I only get a few seconds to see it and then I get hit by a paywall. Do you know of a website where I can read it carefully to see what you are talking about? What I did read was strong language that didn't belong in a theatre review. She used phrases that you don't like, but I wouldn't consider those words racist. That's just your opinion. Frankly IMO you throw that word around much too freely on ATC. However, I need to be able to read her review without a paywall. Is that possible?

Full disclosure, for a number of years (but not recently) I used to communicate with Weiss via e-mail. I'm certain that I know her better then you do. She is not a racist. She has strong opinions with which you disagree, but she knows what she is talking about. As far as I know, she has lived in Chicago most of her life.

Of course, there are racist white cops in America. There are racist people in every line of work everywhere. However, there is no reliable, concrete evidence that white cops murder black women and children. That is absurd. Did you ever hear Barack Obama make a statement like that or Kamala Harris or Joe Biden?

Of course, there are cases where white cops make a mistake and break into the wrong home or something like that, and as a result, black women and children are killed. There are also cases where a young black kid is carrying a gun, is told to drop the gun by a white cop, does not do it, and is killed. That's not murder. That's a tragedy, but you can't say the cop is a racist. Unfortunately, in a city like Chicago that sort of thing happens much too often, but usually the cop is black, and then black journalists like Don Lemon, Soledad O'Brien, and Joy Reid don't want to talk about it.

In Chicago over the last 5 years I believe there have only been 2 cases in which a white cop unjustifiably killed an unarmed black man. I agree that those are horrendous acts and we have to stop such things from happening.

There definitely have been various cases nationwide in the last 5 years where white cops unjustifiably killed an unarmed black man. I watch CNN and MSNBC every day and I've seen the coverage of those instances. They are terrible and we must work to stop them. However, what is the total number of those cases in the last 5 years? Maybe something like 20 or 30, possibly fewer?

One black person murdered by a white cop is one too many but how can you compare that to the hundreds, possibly thousands of black individuals murdered every year in cities like Chicago by black gangs and black drug dealers. No matter how you look at it, that is black on black crime, and that is a much more serious problem in our society than anything else. Ask any black person who lives in a city like Chicago, and they will agree with that statement. There is not a single white community in America that has anywhere near a murder rate like that.

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