Girl From The North Country Why I have to go a third time
Posted by: Kerick 03:37 am EST 01/22/22

So I just bought tickets for the final performance of GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY. This will be my third visit to the Belasco. The first time I was a bit quizzical. The plot was a bit difficult to follow. I didn't quite get the placement of all the Dylan songs. But the production stayed with me as few have in recent years.

Drawn back for a second viewing, I actually shed tears...at the beauty...the poetic conception, and the staging creativity, at the magnificent performances....

And why bother to return for a third viewing? Closed theaters, simplistic bio-musicals, personal covid infection, distopian reports of politics, climate disaster, poverty among our own people... and in the midst of all of this I can get another chance to spend another afternoon with the magical beauty of poetry, the marvelous talent of the performance community, etc. Why would I not?

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