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Working has been toyed with a number of times. Even the version first licensed for performance after Broadway was changed a lot from what was originally done. I did two productions of that version and fell in love with the show then. Around 1999, a new version began to be licensed, which added a few new numbers like "Traffic Jam" (meh) and eliminated some things like "Newsboy" (which I missed) - that version is still available to be done (afaik), and I don't like the rewrites - not just to the songs, but also to the monologues.

There have been other versions tried - one was an LA Theatreworks production from 2000 which was released on recording.

BUT - having now done the newest version twice also (with the two fantastic Lin Manuel songs), I think I've become a convert to this one. It's streamlined to one act (and 6 actors), and a few other songs have been cut, and a lot of lyrics and monologues revised, but I think it flows better than the previous versions, and the new arrangements by Alex Lacamoire are outstanding.

I think that given the nature of jobs and the work force always changing, it's bound to get more revisions down the line (with permission or not), but I do think it's a very fun (and sometimes also very moving) score.

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