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I agree that Prospect Theatre Company did an excellent revival of ''Working,'' but it was a little earlier: Dec. 1-30, 2012.

It was the NYC premiere of a reworked version of ''Working,'' as one-act, 90-minute musical with just a cast of six: Marie-France Arcilla, Joe Cassidy, Donna Lynne Champlin, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Nehal Joshi and Kenita R. Miller. The score also included two new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As for the original cast album, I've always loved it, and it featured terrific, one-of-a-kind songs, like Craig Carnelia's ''Just a Housewife,'' James Taylor's ''Millwork,'' Micki Grant's ''If I Could've Been'' and ''Cleanin' Women'' and Stephen Schwartz's ''It's an Art'' and ''Fathers and Sons.''

''Working'' also was turned into a 1982 episode of ''American Playhouse,'' featuring Studs Terkel, who wrote the original book. And the cast included: Eileen Brennan, Patti LaBelle, Rita Moreno, James Taylor and Lynne Thigpen. (Maybe someone else here knows the answer, but I've always wondered how ''Working'' - which played only 12 previews and 24 performances - managed to get filmed for PBS. Whatever the reason, I'm thrilled it was.)
Link 'Working': Rita Moreno sings 'It's an Art' (and it's a GREAT tune, not a 'non-tune')

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