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I don't think it needs it. I agree with you and think it's a great show as it is. Fats Waller's humanity and abundant talent is already on display. The show was made of wonderful songs, staged as if they were all little one-act mini-plays. Most were lively uptempos and comedy/novelty songs, with some ballads like "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" and some torch songs like "Mean to Me", but on the whole, things were light and fun. Until "Black and Blue", which really scored as the underlying heart to the show, showing the sadness and vulnerability of these human beings beneath the levity. The structure of the show followed with a very light-hearted, uptempo medley and finale, as if to say Fats Waller's biggest contribution on your way out the door was to make people feel good overall with his terrific songs.

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