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I miss Stephen Schwartz's ''Neat to Be a Newsboy,'' too. It was sung by Matthew McGrath, then 9, making his Broadway debut.

Now he's better know as Matt McGrath, and playing Reverend Marlowe in ''Girl From the North Country,'' going on hiatus today at the Belasco.

By the way, there's a 2018 London cast recording, which includes Miranda's 2 new songs, but I still much prefer the original album.

As for the Encores! version in 2019, it sounds like it had quite a cast, including Helen Hunt, Christopher Jackson, Javier Munoz, etc.

Looking up the show at YouTube, I was surprised at how often it's been revived, apparently due to lotsa parts and its ''Working''-class appeal.
Link 'Working': Matthew McGrath sings 'Neat to Be a Newsboy' (1978)

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