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I had a similar feeling; I felt the original show communicated warmth and love and joy, which endeared me to the characters (and the cast were playing different characterizations in different songs); it felt as if a community, not just a songwriter, was being communicated; and "Black and Blue" suggested so much by being so distinct from the other tones in the show.

The work as a whole had a poetic potency - the power to convey so much that was mysterious beneath its surface, all the while delighting.

So I wondered at the phrase "rewrites and new ideas" in the report, especially as there were precious few spoken words; I can think of only about two or three lines of explanation dotted amongst the songs - "new ideas", yes, but "rewrites"?

A specific puzzle I have with a new version has to do with a lot of the original humor which was often visual and based on, shall we say, matters of corpulence, both male and female. (And by contrast, thinness.) I'm not sure such sources of humor would be welcome now. (In fact, I seem to recall Nell Carter in a TV interview long ago saying that she felt very bad about her figure during the run of the show - she later lost some weight - and it saddened me to think that the smiles on one side of the footlights could have been causing her private hell on the other.)

Nonetheless, a worthy exercise can also prove entertaining if done with insight and sensitivity, so good luck to them!

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