Judge Turpin maybe? Don Quixote? Chairman?
Posted by: Chazwaza 04:39 am EST 01/26/22
In reply to: Ian McKellen keen to star in a stage musical: "I’m available but incompetent" - MockingbirdGirl 01:17 pm EST 01/25/22

I wonder if he could handle Judge Turpin? It presumably wouldn't be the most effectively sung, but ...

Same issue with Man of La Mancha... of course it needs a great singer, but i also think it could survive with a modest singer if he can't act the hell out of it.

The Chairman in Drood certainly doesn't need an amazing singer, and I bet he'd be great in that. It does require a lot of energy though, I have no idea what he's got going on in stamina and mental agility department.

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