re: Katrina Lenk is quite good in Season 4 of Ozark (No spoilers)
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MILDISH SPOILER. Agreed. Lenk's character, introduced as a troubled pharma exec, becomes deliciously compromised in the same first episode, albeit in subtle ways, thanks to Lenk. The show's plotting has always been outre (I just re-watched the pilot after three years; it started big-big and outrageous), but this season is going to operatic levels. Lenk is perfect, her mask-like public face dropping to reveal a woman in over her head, and then someone -- like the protagonists -- almost comfortable with the dark side. The show's theatricality is one of its calling cards, so it makes sense to hire another theater actor. Remember Jason Butler Harner, NY stage actor, from the first season? Not to overlook a towering B'way and West End star, Janet McTeer. Add the reliably superb Linney and Lenk is in some very good theater company.

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