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Posted by: portenopete 01:25 pm EST 01/26/22
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I like the idea of an unnaturally youthified George III singing songs from his glory days. That could be a lot of fun.

You're quite right that verisimilitude is not much of a consideration in general with Hamilton. It's kind of the anti-verisimilitude show.

In terms of stamina, if he can play Hamlet, I imagine he can play anything.

I remember being nervous going in to see 80-plus Estelle Parsons as Violet in AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, having seen 60-ish Deanna Dunigan on Broadway. I was waiting for the moment when she trips down the stairs, expecting Parsons to do a modified version of the very funny pratfall.

Well it was modified certainly. She attacked it with even MORE physicality and got a huge laugh and a huge round. She was wonderful.

I really need to take up yoga.

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