NEW - "SKELETON CREW" Talkin' Broadway Review
Posted by: T.B._Admin. 09:03 pm EST 01/26/22

Howard Miller takes a look at Skeleton Crew at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre:

It's one thing to walk away from your job when low pay and poor working conditions are wrecking your life. But what if it's your job that is leaving you, and your future is an unknowable abyss? What then? Do you stick together with your fellow laborers in a show of mutual support, or do you focus on saving your own butt? Solidarity forever or sauve qui peut? That's the individual and collective dilemma faced by the close-knit group of factory workers who gather in the break room of a rumored-to-be-closing Detroit automotive parts plant in Dominique Morisseau's gripping four-character play Skeleton Crew, opening tonight at the Friedman Theatre.

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