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Posted by: ShowGoer 06:56 pm EST 01/28/22
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When the poster responded "That was scary" I had no idea what they were referring to – and then I assumed they'd read the wholelinked article, or at least the press release, and thought that the new book sounded awful to them for some reason. So I think the way people respond to subject headings has a lot to do with where they're at and what their mindset is... (Honestly when I first saw the subject I assumed either she was writing a book, as turned out to be the case, or was doing another cabaret or a 90th-birthday gala or something.)

So yes the subject title was vague, but if we were to see a heading that said merely "Mr Saturday Night" or "MJ" we wouldn't assume the worst, that the show was closing or bankrupt or shutting down for a pause - at most, maybe that they were postponing opening or missing a performance or two.... even an older show like "Chicago" or "Phantom" as a headline wouldn't necessarily portend anything bad.

The way I see it there are only two choices - either a blanket rule should be made for the board from now on, that all subjects must be a complete sentence, or at least a full phrase (e.g. in this case, "Chita Rivera writing memoir") ... or, the first responders need to train themselves that just because someone is older, it doesn't necessarily mean that a headline about them is automatically bad news.

(Of course, I'd think it equally disingenous if someone had posted a vague subject header that hid bad news about someone younger - say, "Philip Seymour Hoffman", "Robin Williams", or even "Nick Cordero" – only to click on the link and learn they'd passed away; in those hypothetical cases I'd wonder why the poster was being deliberately oblique and hadn't posted the sad news in a headline. So even though I don't leap to the worst case scenarios myself, my own vote would be to change the board rules so that we get a sense of what the point is of the thread, so that hearts don't leap and no one feels initially misled or alarmed. But maybe that's just me.)

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