re: "Music Man" won't invite critics before opening night.
Posted by: keikekaze 09:22 pm EST 01/28/22
In reply to: "Music Man" won't invite critics before opening night. - TimDunleavy 07:54 pm EST 01/28/22

Miramontez didn't exactly help matters with his snarky comment--but he isn't exactly wrong either. This production isn't asking anybody to do anything that wasn't always done, with every Broadway show, not very long ago. And the task of genuine overnight reviewing is made even easier when you're talking about a revival of a very well-known show. I could have written a perfectly competent review of this production of The Music Man six months ago, detailing the show's plot, production history, place in the culture, etc., etc., but for leaving a few blank spaces here and there, to be filled in after seeing the performance with my opinions about the specifics of this production (acting, singing, direction, choreography, etc). Filling in those blanks would not be a monumental task, even on a tight deadline.

What gets a little hard is the overnight reviewing of a brand new show that nobody has any previous knowledge of. But people do it, and in ye olden days they always did it.

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