My Revenge Against Catherine Russell
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 09:23 pm EST 01/30/22
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It happened (thanks to the fickle finger of fate) on Mon., 10/31/2016. I was in the rush line with several others for School of Rock. A guy came out at 9:00 AM and said the performance had been moved to another date because it was Halloween. I returned to my friend's apartment to consider my options and discovered that The Fantasticks with Lorenzo Lamas did indeed have a performance that night. I hustled over to the 3rd floor of the Orbach Theater and there (to my surprise) was my nemesis, Ms. Russell, holding court and selling tickets at a desk in the lobby.

"For $60 I can get you a great seat for tonight's show," she offered. "Oh man, I'm just a poor guy from Chicago on a very tight budget. I can't afford anything like that", I lied. "Well, since Monday can be a little slow, you can have a seat almost as good for $50," was her next try. "Naw, I just can not spend that much money, sorry," as I started to leave. "OK, my very last deal for you is $40," I noticed a sense of desperation in her voice. "I'll tell you what. 30 bucks and you've got yourself a sale", I said slowly turning around. "You're killing me, but done!" she wimpered. "Here's my VISA, ma'am", I replied with feigned meekness. I pocketed the ticket, lumbered off, and chuckled my way down the stairs.

The show was excellent that night. The next morning I returned to the School of Rock rush line and bought a ticket for $37.50. I ended up chatting with Alex Brightman at the stage door. He asked me where I was from. "Chicago," I said. "Cub fan," he queried? "Nope, White Sox," I answered. "Do you always back losers?", he jested. So I told him about my recent encounter with Catherine Russell -- he laughed pretty loudly and high-fived me.

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